Snow != Free Parking

Why is it that, the minute snow touches the ground, parking lots become complete free-for-alls? I mean, whether you can see the lines or not, you know that they’re there. It only takes a few weeks to memorize the locations of visitor parking, handicapped parking, and the no parking zones in front of the sidewalk ramps. Heck, any five year old with the memory retention of a goldfish wouldn’t have an issue.

But when the lines are covered with a dusting of snow, otherwise intelligent Presidents and CEOs driving shiny new Land Rovers, BMWs, and Mercedes battle for the closest parking space, and handicapped parking instantly becomes fair game. Cars are lined up and down the curb, blocking access to delivery trucks. Even the handicapped ramps for the sidewalks get blocked as zoomtards stake their territory.

I really can’t understand this behavior. I’m not sure if it’s the sign of a spoiled yuppy basking in plausible deniability (I didn’t see the handicapped symbol, so that means I can park there today) or if it’s genuine gnorance (what handicapped symbol?). Feh, whatever.

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  1. Thankfully, I haven’t witnessed that phenomenon here. But, we do have more than our fair share of folks who have no shame about parking smack dab in the middle of two spaces and on clearly visible yellow lines in parking lots which are completely snow-free. Does this burn my bottom? Why, yes. Yes it does.

    Glad to see you posting again. 🙂

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