Hi-Touch 640 PS

Hi-Touch 640 PSSince Kelly and I are going to start on-location shooting, we’re going to need a portable unit for proofs and sales. I just ordered a Hi-Touch 640 PS 4×6 photo printer along with a bunch of media refills. It’s a continuous tone 403 DPI (6400 DPI inkjet equivalent) dye sublimation printer that spits out prints in about 75 seconds.

My Father picked one up last year, and he absolutely loves it! Although it didn’t support direct printing from Mac OS X when he let me play with it a while ago, there are supposedly beta drivers available now. Doesn’t matter anyway, since it prints directly from flash media. Also, with a $0.40/sheet consumable price, the price can’t be beat!

3 thoughts on “Hi-Touch 640 PS”

  1. Great printer, I have had mine for 1.5 years… great to take to family events and pass out pictures !!

  2. Sweet! Yeah, I’m going to start carting it with me to any family events as well to pass out photos. Also, an update, there are now Mac OS X drivers available at http://www.hitouchimaging.com/ and they work great! Just remember to print with ICC disabled since no profile gets installed for the printer.

  3. The printer seems interesting with the features like a dye sublimation printer that spits out prints in about seconds and moreover it is available in affordable price as well. I will definitely consider to buying it.

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