Pepper Pad mentioned in the Boston Globe…

20040514-018-pepperpad2_model-d-05-dwc190Scott Kirsner briefly mentioned the Pepper Pad in a Boston Globe article entitled In tech world, 2004 seems a lot like 1997. Although it was just mentioned in passing, any press is good press.

1997: WebTV introduces WebTV plus, which connects a small, set-top box to a television and phone line, allowing users to surf the Web and send e-mail without dealing with the complexities of a PC.

2004: After a string of failed products for technophobes (remember 3Com’s Audrey, or the I-Opener?), Lexington’s Pepper Computer is trying to launch the Pepper Pad, a lightweight, easy-to-use, WiFi-enabled device that would be distributed (and subsidized) by broadband providers like Comcast or Verizon.

My only beef is that the author makes it sound like Pepper had a string of failed products, which is not the case. Ohwell, maybe next time.

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