Head-on collision on 128S in Lexington?

How the heck does a head-on collision occur on 128S in Lexington? It’s a multi-lane divided highway for chrissakes. Right at Exit 31b around 10:25 AM there was a minivan facing oncoming traffic in the left lane with a sedan firmly implanted in its grille. I had the Digital Rebel with me, but I was already too late for work to stop and take photos. Amazingly, no one looked hurt and emergency services hadn’t shown up yet, but I’m still absolutely dumbfounded as to how the minivan ended up backwards in the left lane. Guh.

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  1. It got hit from the back, spun around, possibly into another lane, then got slammed “in the front” because it got 180’d after the initial hit…

    happens all the time round ‘here.

  2. Yeah, that’s what I figured, but I still can’t see any skid marks anywhere near the accident scene. It’s just weirding me out.

  3. This happened to about three weeks ago on the way to MegaCon in Orlando. Three friends and I are driving East on I-4 in a Honda Civic LX when this large Buick Riviera-ish car in front of us does a sudden 90 degree turn into the median, he then does a 180 degree turn in the opposite direction, putting him headed North in the East Bound. Unfortunately for him, there’s a concrete barricade in the way, so he continues his turn another 90 degrees, so he is now heading west on the east bound of I-4. This all took place in the matter of a second or two. It totalled my friend’s car, and we had to get a ride from a friend in Orlando. His car’s hood had a small dent, and he drove off no problem. The moral: Steel Automobiles > Fiberglass

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