Free Radio Shack 21-905 Fiberglass CB Whip Antennas

21-1118After surviving Maine Forest Rally this past weekend, I started looking into antenna options so the service truck could talk to the rally car. I checked out Radio Shack for CB antenna options and, on a whim, asked the clerk if they had any 102″ whip antennas in stock. Turns out that Radio Shack are liquidating all of their 21-905 Fiberglass CB Whip Antennas for free!

Shopping List:

Be sure to dig deep into the rack for vintage dusty packaging. In addition to the free anteanna, I managed to find hardware with old price tags and got quite a few bucks taken off the final bill! Now all I have to do is see if Ham Radio Outlet has any 2.4 GHz mobile antennas and I’ll be ready to rock!

6 thoughts on “Free Radio Shack 21-905 Fiberglass CB Whip Antennas”

  1. Sean, I’m confused. Are you trying to use a 2.4GHz radio with the CB antenna? That won’t work very well because the CB antenna is tuned for the CB band which is around 27MHz. A 2.4GHz antenna needs to be MUCH shorter to work properly. A full-wavelength at 2.4GHz is just about two and three-eighths inches.

  2. Ah I get it: this is so that all of the numerous sensors and monitoring equipment in the rally car can send their telemetry back to the service team for instantaneous analysis so the team can be prepared to swap out the gearbox, diff, sparkplugs and muffler bearing during the seven minute service… It all makes sense now. 😉

    Get yourself a decent SWR meter to turn that CB antenna; a couple of millimeters in each direction can make a big difference in antenna performance.

    I’ve been working lately with antennas for marine VHF (157MHz or so) and tuning makes a huge difference. My setup can hear the Coast Guard in Atlantic City on some nights (I’m just south of Boston).

  3. man are you saying i can get a whip antenna for my blazer for free?!
    little confused. that would be so awsome.
    how do i go about getting it?
    thnx man

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