High Power Wi-Fi Cards

2511CDPLUSEXT2In addition to the ORiNOCO Classic Gold PC Card, the Senao NL-2511CD PLUS EXT2 is a favorite among radio geeks that Wardrive with dual diversified antennas. Pushing 200 mW with two antenna jacks, a 3 dBi or 5 dBi short range antenna can be used to pick up close signals in tall buildings while an 8 dBi or 14 dBi long range antenna will pull in distant signals closer to the ground for further inspection.

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  1. Yeah, senao makes an AP too, I have one. It’s a lot more powerful than the old BEFW11S4, and i like it. (it’s basically just their PCMCIA card in a box).

    SMC makes a 200mw card too, but it can fit fully inside a standard PCMCIA slot, and comes with a 2db clip-on antenna. The Senao one just has 2 jacks on it (one on either side as shown in the picture).

    Anyways… Umm… TRUNKMONKEY!!!

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