out of business?

It appears that (aka Hugebee) has disappeared off the face of the planet even though their Web site is still taking orders and charging credit cards. Brian and I originally used them a year and a half ago to purchase Athlon 2400+ workstations at an amazing price so they immediately came to mind when it came time to purchase a Dual Xeon server for our compile farm. Unfortunately, they charged my corporate Amex almost two weeks ago, my server hasn’t shown up yet, their phones are all RNA or disconnected, and their BBB Report tells an interesting story.

“On September 24, 2004, we verified that most listed telephone numbers for this company are disconnected, or are no longer in service. The company’s website is no longer functional. We believe this company is out of business.”

So be it. I contested the charges, filed a BBB report on them, and ordered a 1U Dual Xeon instead.

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  1. I purchased a laptop from internetishop 7 months ago. I haven’t had any problems with it until recently when it started to make odd noises. Then one morning I find that my harddrive has fried and that 50gig of info is no lost. I have a year warranty with them and it seems that I’v been screwed. I would like to take part in a class action suit so that if anyone knows of any please contact me.

  2. this sucks baddly i got 5 barebones from ishop and they are perfect. i was planning to build myself a better one for gaming and i had everything picked out but needed the cash i get the money and they are not there anymore. do u no any good site like ishop? e-mail me

  3. I think InternetiShop has changed it’s name to ExpressNotebooks. They are in the same building and doing a Google search on Hugebee turns up ExpressNotebooks site. Something fishy is going on here.

  4. I bought a laptop from Internet I Shop in october 2003 and the 3 year warranty. The power connection pf the plastic melted so i decided to send it to them to get it fixed. They called me a week after i sent it in which was Late July 2004 and todl me it was water damage and that it would cost about 250 to get it fixed… i said okay and they charged my credit card. Wheni called them back a week later the phone iwas disconnected and the website was down. That laptop cost me 1800 dollars and thats alot of cash for 16 year old. I did get my 250 back from my credit card company though. My friend told me i should back up all my files on my hard drive and i never did becuase it was already in the box and i was too lazy to do it and since that day i have been regretting it. E-mail me if ther is any news

  5. Question for teayear:
    How could they tell if an employee is a Jew? Did they discriminate against darker skin ethnicities? What are the basis of their discrimination. I still have a Huge Bee baseball cap at my bedside which I could use as kippah for Friday evenings. May be, I should throw it away.

    Are there many companies like that in Calif.? Is Governor Ahnuld Schwarzbuckler aware of the extent of discrimination?

    My experience:
    May 2003, needed a laptop quick. Paid $1100 for one with an Athlon. The next week, I went to Dell website and found I could have gotten a comparable Pentium system at the same price. Wanted to cancel but laptop was already shipped.

    Dell seems to sell cheaper to small business owners vs home users. Since then I have been comparing Dell and InternetIshop and had been amazed why there were people still who bought from Ishop when Dell had been selling cheaper?

    Can any/all of you who bought Ishop tell me why you kept on buying from IShop when they had been more expensive?

  6. Wow that really suprises me. I bought a desktop from them about 2 years ago, and the only problem I had was a bad power supply, nothing too major. I wanted to buy a laptop from them, but their website is no where to be found? I personaly had a great experience with them they were very helpfull. Only if I knew they were going to screw so many people and go bankrupt!!

  7. i bought 2 amd hugebee laptops because they were priced right and i could put the OS i wanted on them. i also got the extended warranty. now my fans are acting up like a previous person posted. no bios settings to control the fans either.
    worthless piece of sh*t, i tried looking up the laptop’s case on google and all i find is the message board telling me how much im screwed with these things.
    if i ever meet the owner of i shop, im going to beat him down with his own half a** laptop.
    it will probably work better when im done.

  8. used to work for this company. had worked for only about 2 weeks before I left because of the smoking in the warehouse. the bosses seemed nice but was kind of deceptive because they advertised in the newspaper that they pay TOP Dollars to people. When I was there, i found out they were barely paying me $8.5/hr assembling computers.

    you guys got to see the cars they drive. It was amazing. They had a mercedes cl 500 and a cl600, sometimes a BMW 745 would be parked at the front. Nobody I have seen had a cl600. I mean no body. But he has got one. that’s amazing. Imagaine the statement that car makes. It must be awesome driving that car around the town. i am glad to have left the company and have finally found a way better job. I have been hoping that one of these days I am going to bust out in a ferrari and watch them how they react to see me driving in it.

  9. I’m not sure if it’s to late to sign the petition now or what good will it do for me because I need this problem fixd asap? However, today my computer just stop working!! It seems like I just brought my $1800 computer on 8/25/04 from them days before they closed.. I even drove up there to Pomona, CA because I needed it asap. They did seem disorganized and unprofessional but, I didn’t think to much of it.. But now I know, that was because they was going bankrupt!!
    I can only imagine how much it will cost me to repair my 8th month old computer now!!!!!!
    I still love America Co. but maybe not so much of Japan Co. now..
    From a disgruntle American

  10. Too bad they’re out of business. I bought a laptop from them back in June 10, 2003. The machine is still running. I thought I’d try and upgrade the processor but I needed specs on what the motherboard could hold. So, I tried to get to their website and they’re out of business. Looks like i’ll have to find out from other sources what the MB will take.

    Too bad about them. They had real good prices and if I had needed some more stuff I would have checked them out first.

    I got a Huge Bee hat from them when I bought the laptop. Any collector interest in this?

  11. Yes the I shop is out of business. If you need parts try I called them several times but never got ahold of anyone in any of their departments. Also try it is a German site that sells some of the I shops models or (finnaly got help there). ECS was the manufacturer of the I shops computers. Their site has many hyper links to their distributors. I had purchased a laptop from the I shop and my hard drive burnt and now the mother board is broke. Try the above sites…you should be able to find parts and manuals, good luck!!!!

  12. fuckin assholes i bought a laptop and external hard drive for $ 2,500 and the stupid shit dont even work. thanx alot huge bee. when i find the rich ass owners im gonna strangle them with my laptop power chord, maybe then it will work.

  13. When you guys were sending payments to this sucker via paypal, which email did you send it to?

  14. I have an internetishop labtop and I need to replace the colling fan and the keyboard…But, I don’t know where to order them now that the ishop is bankrupt. Does anyone know who makes these parts and whether we can order them?

  15. I had a labtop that took almost 3 months to get fixed in May. I must have called 10 times before I cursed them out so they would quit giving me the run around. I was very close to getting a plane ticket and going up their they pissed me off so much. Then I bought two desktops in January of this year that have a 2 year warranty so what the [email protected]# am I supposed to do with worthless warranties. These people suck and if any one would need a real good ass whipping it would be them

  16. I purchased a higher-end computer from InternetIshop almost two years ago and that machine works flawlessly. When I started looking for another computer (for my wife), it became apparent from the eBay ratings that all was not well with InternetIshop! I did not buy again from them, and now,I am really thankful that I did not. Folks, learn to study and respect the eBay rating system! Where there’s smoke, there’s fire!!!

  17. I purchased a laptop from IIS back in early 2002. When I received the item, the power supply was missing and the computer was by and large crap. I called almost everyday for three weeks, until they finally conceded and agreed to send a replacement unit.

    The replacement unit sucked too. I spent another three months fighting it out with them to get a new unit sent. Finally, concession was once again provided and a replacement unit was sent.

    This unit worked well til I turned the power on. What a mess. Over the course of the next six months, I sent it back for *repairs* on eleven different occassions. Finally, when the shit failed on me for what would be the final time, I ended up having to rail them to agree to give me a refund.

    It sucks that all you folks lost money, but fuck em. I’m glad they’re out of business.

  18. I bought a nice computer from them back in July 2003 for almost $1700. It had everything and worked great…except sometimes ‘the screen would not come up’. Since I called them with this problem when I purchased it, they told me it was no big deal and all I had to do was take the battery out and put it back in and that would fix the problem. This is what I have done periodically for the past two years (it only refused to light up once a month or so). However, now it has refused come up…and the old, reliable method of taking the battery ouy and in no longer works. Oh well…now, I have a two-year old piece of metal to hang on the wall…seems like the thing had a tempermental short in the motherboard that connected to the output device that finally gave out. Can this be fixed by anyone? Suggestions?

  19. hey,

    i internet i shop computer is having major hardware probs and i cant get in contact with them 🙁

    i turn it on and nothing happens, no bios or anything, it really sucks. with college arouind the corner, i need my comp

    its a gigabite brand 2.8 p4 in bummed,


  20. I bought a hugebee laptop from an auction site. They seem okay and the customer service are friendly. I didn’t know that they’re out of business. The machine is working perfectly fine. Just the annoying noise from the fan and probably try something to remedy the noise. I love the laptop cuz it is fast and still running LOL! Just sucks cuz you can’t upgrade the memory up to 1GB–only 512MB.

    Well, all in all. Hugebee laptop is good. Probably I just got lucky!

  21. I CANT BELIEVE InternetIShop. I bought a laptop from them back in 04, it was a 2,100 732GN series laptop, the best parts on the market, well the fastest anyway. about 6months later i wrote them back saying that my laptop cooked itself. and in fact it did.

    My laptop was on my desk at the time, AC on and all, i really didnt like how hot it always was. Well anyway i was typing a paper, battery ran low, so i used the charger & finished typing my paper. The next day when i woke up, mind you my ssaver is that the screen will just turn off. IT didnt start up, the charging jack was fused to the charging cable, it got so hot it actually melted, sorta a nasty smell. I contacted them repeaditely about getting a replacement because the comp didnt turn on and it fried itself. I finally got a response from a DavidW. Great i had the 3 year EXTENDED warrantee and they sent me a whole new one, 3 ****in months later. Anyway im keeping this one alot cooler, i want to know how to change the processor speed in BIOS, either that or put liek a2.4 in it not a 3.06 P4. Any suggestions

    AHH I HATE InternetIShop…..

  22. My friend baught a Hugebee DESKNOTE model-MS2124 of the interneti shop about a year ago, now she asked me to fix it for her, the motherboard seem to be malfunctioning… so I’ve been looking for this motherboard but I can’t Identify it and I can’t find anyone that has this desknote model and it doesn’t seem to be an ECS one.
    Please help me find it !!!

    here is a few links that may be helpful to others: have some of their models

  23. I have been having long term power supply problems on my AMD system. I bought another power supply and things straightened out. I blamed it on the motherboard, thinking it was just something quirky. Now I put another system together (Intel P4) so I grabbed that power supply (supposedly 400W) and am having problems booting up. I know that power supply isn’t delivering worth shit. Glad I found this site. I will ditch the HugeBee bullshit for GOOD and get a real power supply.

  24. Anyone whom bought a Laptop from… Hugebee “” can find a nice list of replacement parts at…if your part you need is not listed you can send e-support an e-mail and normally they will have on there site in a week or so. I have had to replace my G736 mother board. I spent much time trying to find someone who makes the parts for them. Sambyte sells for all brands of computers made by ECS…ie hugbee/ishop ect. is there website. ECS sitll makes the G736 but is for sale only in EU and Australia. Good luck!

  25. Check out They sell replacement parts for all ishop/hugebee computers. The manufacturere of ishop/hugebee computers is ECS. They are still in business and sell part to sambyte. If they don’t have your part E-mail them and they usually have it in a week or two.

    I had to re-place my motherboard in my G736. At the time they had no parts on hand but I sent them an e-mail and they posted it up for sale 3 days later. I think they only buy parts as they come on demand. Hope this helps your search to fix your problems.

  26. Apparently I was a lucky customer. I ordered a high-end laptop in June ’03 (3.04 ghz, etc) and it has worked perfectly. The one exception to this was when a little dust got in it and with minor bumps, the screen would go black. After just cleaning the laptop, inside and out with compressed air and such, it works perfect once again. Although now I am looking to possibly upgrade parts on it…

  27. I bought a desktop from them a couple of years ago. Within a few months it would quit working after running for a while. The first time they had me send the motherboard back and found no problem. It kept doing it and they wanted me to send the motherboard back. I told them I was going to send the whole thing back. They claimed they fixed it. All they did was manage to break the CPU fan mounts. I gave up on them. I replaced the power supply and it has not missed a lick since. I read in an earlier post that they found a 300W power supply with a 400W sticker placed over the 300W label. I need to go back and check that. It does not suprise me they went out. Most likely they are operating under a diffent name.

  28. I purchased a hugabee and had several problems. The ethernet connector will not lock in. The power supply had to be replaced. I also can’t get the sound to work. The fan is super loud as well

    Has anything happend with the lawsuite someone posted earlier

    [email protected]

  29. For me is easier to go to a computer store and order there the configuration I really want. When it comes to expensive gear is better to take any precautions that can be taken.

  30. A little late to find this forum.

    I used to work for Ishop as well. Some of the things above posters described was pretty much true.

    The company is racist because they don’t hire African-americans, they are not ethically diverse.

    Sales team, worked 7 days a week. Mon. ~ Fri., you choose 1 weekend out of the 2 and they do not pay you for that weekend shift. Company provided crappy ass dog food lunch, so you had to eat in. While you eat, you are still working, no such thing as a break.

    Ain’t really a surprise when they went out of business. Our paychecks bounced periodically during the last probably few years of their operations.

    The problem with IShop was the owners. They made poor judgment calls and often exploited the company’s money (hence they’re all driving luxurious cars).

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