Free Mac mini!

Holy crap. It actually showed up! It’s so sexy I actually kissed the box as I was walking out of work this evening. Now I get to have fun tracking who my seeded personal information gets sold to.

2 thoughts on “Free Mac mini!”

  1. Gratis Internet, the marketing mogul responsible for giving away ipods, mini mac, sony psp’s and more, can be a pain in the arse to deal with. I registered Gratis Internet Sucks after a problem I had getting my ipod after I had succesfully completed one of thier offers. Since registering the site, I have been contacted by many employees of gratis internet, and was eventually contacted by the president of the company. If you try and contact them, they will ignore you, but they won’t ignore me. I have some valuable contact information, and I posted it to my site for 2 days, and they were not happy. That’s when I got my ipod. If you are a referral of mine, and then complete your part of the bargain, by that I mean get your legitimate referrals, but for some reason don’t get your ipod, I will help you. I don’t like it when big companies like this scam people. We have a way to keep them honest, so lets do it. Even if you aren’t a referral of mine, I will still try and help you if you get screwed by them. I am going for the mini mac right now, and would appreciate the help.

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