A little bit of my inner child just died…

Go to LEGOS.com. Right now. Go ahead…I’ll wait. OK, back? Good. After nearly three decades of knowing and loving LEGOS as, well, LEGOS, the LEGO Group Companies have to go and destroy a little bit of my inner child:

The word LEGO® is a brand name, and is very special to all of us at the LEGO Group Companies. We would sincerely like your help in keeping it special. Please always refer to our producs as “LEGO bricks or toys” and not “LEGOS.” By doing so, you will be helping to protect and preserve a brand of which we are very proud, and that stands for quality the world over. Thank you!

Bugger off, LEGO Group Companies, I do believe I’ll continue to call my LEGOS LEGOS. And so will every other kid on the face of the planet that doesn’t know what ® means.

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