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WebGUI – Getting rid of

The RewriteRule that is explained in Ruling WebGUI does not work properly with newer versions of Apache. Perhaps there was another configuration somewhere that was causing the incompatibility, but I’ve successfully created a rule that strips out from all requests and forwards the request on for processing. For example, becomes
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Don’t just do something, sit there!

So, how do you cope with the stress of being overworked and underpaid? Why, just space out and stare blankly at your screen for a few hours! If you’re a diligent and loyal employee, however, you’ll probably be more inclined to find work-safe activities such as meditation and yoga. Megacorporations like Apple, Yahoo! and Google are already starting to sponsor such activities during work hours to boost morale.

Other employees aren’t so lucky and the extent of their on-the-job relaxation comes from rolling wads of toilet paper into little balls. At least there are hundreds of plans out there should employers become enlightened.

WebGUI Configuration Tricks

Database Name

The database name can be changed on the dsn line of the WebGUI.conf configuration file. This is convenient if multiple WebGUI instances will be run on the same server or if WebGUI tables must be inserted into an existing database.

Tuning mod_perl

In order to get the best performance out of WebGUI, mod_perl must be installed and enabled for the directory that will be serving In addition, preloading WebGUI using the preload.perl script will also increase performance.

Modifications will have to be made to the preload.perl script:

  • Update the path on the use lib line.
  • Select use ModPerl::Registry instead of use Apache::Registry.

Now, add the following line to httpd.conf within your virtual host config:

PerlRequire /path/to/WebGUI/sbin/preload.perl

Caching for fun and Profit

Install the Cache::FileCache Perl module using CPAN and restart Apache to enable caching.

Where do you stash your media?

Now that you’ve gone through your entire CD collection and ripped everything, what do you do with the media? And no, I don’t mean bringing all your discs down to the local music store and selling everything used to pay for an iPod. I’m interested in sealed long term archival storage since, for the most part, I probably won’t be touching the master discs again once they’ve been ripped.
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Evidence Eliminator Sucks

A recent article on Slashdot shows that Evidence Eliminator is back in the news. This time they’ve released the rabid lawyers in an attempt to shut down and silence Eric Lee Green, one of the primary critics of Evidence Eliminator on the Internet today.

Some may remember my previous entry on the subject…this goes to show even further that the Evidence Eliminator folks are extremely unprofessional. Even if I did need some sort of forensics defeating software, like I’d trust a company that can’t even maintain a professional looking Web site and has the writing and grammar skills of a fourth grader.

Update: The Evidence Eliminator Web site has been offline for quite a few hours now. Looks like they’ve been hit with a DDoS since the Slashdot story.

WebGUI – Overcoming installation hurdles…

Installation of WebGUI on RedHat 8 and RedHat 9 boxes is quite a pain but, once you get everything up and running, things run flawlessly. As a matter of fact, once the installation quirks are figured out, installation takes less than ten minutes start to finish.

Although WebGUI is free and open source, PLAINBLACK counts on installation difficulties to boost sales of their documentation and support programs. They also restrict users who have purchased documentation and support contracts from sharing their findings with normal users.

I agree that companies who create open source software need to make money somehow, but I disagree on putting a gag order on people to keep them from helping others solve problems. Luckily, I have purchased neither documentation nor support so I can share my findings! This will be a multipart series as I uncover more WebGUI weirdness.
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