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Final Cut Pro 3 – Managing Timecode Breaks

When filming video with MiniDV cameras are you the type of person who immediately rewinds and watches the most recent clip just to make sure the pervious shot was perfect? If so, you may inadvertently introduce timecode breaks to your source video. A timecode break happens when the tape is not perfectly cued for the next scene and, due to a short blank space between recorded scenes, the timecode resets to 00:00:00:00. When this happens, Final Cut Pro 3 is unable use device control to capture clips over the timecode break.

Instead, the source tape must be considered as multiple reels. If the tape has three timecode breaks, each timecode section must be labeled as a reel. For example, if your reel naming scheme consists of Foo_001, Foo_002, Foo_003, etc., then name timecode breaks Foo_001a, Foo_001b, Foo_001c, etc. This will allow batch capture to operate properly, although the tapes will need to be manually cued to the next timecode jump.

We have a floor!

With the exception of the quarter round trim and a few touchups in the paint, the hedgehog room is ready to start housing inhabitants! Brian helped out with the linoleum and we managed to trim the whole floor without a template because the roll was pre-cut to size. Creative use of trim and thresholds will cover the rough edges.

We’re still looking into shelving and storage solutions to stack the inmates guests and then we’ll be ready for licensing!

Hurts so much…looks so good!

One does not truly appreciate the mechanical advantage of the hammer after repeatedly forcing two pounds of nails into a floor. Do you know how many 1.5″ underlayment nails are in two pounds? In layman’s terms, it roughly works out to a metric fuckton. Banging on the floor was amusing for the first hour…after that, however, the novelty quickly wore off and the task at hand got quite monotonous. But the deed is done and, hopefully, I’ll never have to do it again.

Next comes the joyous task of laying the linoleum sheeting. And, if you’re wondering about the wallpaper, this is the wife’s new project room!

Hamor Hollow

Peekaboo! Where’s my food? The hand that feeds me…

The babies are in the process of being weaned from their mother and are being put in their overnight condominiums so they can get used to being alone. Every morning they go back in with Mom, though. One baby is spoken for and, if you’re interested in one of the others, feel free to leave a comment!

Geek Rig

Dual G4 1.25 GHz Cinema Display HD Inert Headquarters

I’m a complete and utter diehard UNIX geek. I just realized that every machine in my home office is some flavor of UNIX be it Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, etc. I haven’t had a Windows PC for over a year and, with the exception of building an OBD-II scanner, have no idea why I’d ever need one. So, these are my obligatory geek rig photos. Oh, and the second keyboard is my dedicated Final Cut Pro editing board.

Managing multiple iPhoto libraries…

A major drawback with iPhoto has always been the fact that it can’t gracefully handle multiple libraries. Albeit a hack, iPhoto 2 fixes this limitation by adding limited support for multiple libraries. Although there is no menu option for switching between libraries there are a few different techniques that can be used.

The best method that I’ve found is using iPhoto Library Manager to manage and track multiple libraries. The software compiles a list of available libraries and allows you to effortlessly switch between them.

The simplest method that I ran across involves dragging (or Command-Option dragging) an iPhoto Library folder onto iPhoto. The most recently used library becomes the default.

The award for the most inelegant hack involves storing iPhoto libraries on encrypted disk images. I can see this extremely beneficial for the porn addicts.