Just to let everyone know, I have absolutely nothing to do with the “STOP SPAM IN ITS TRACKS!” spam that was sent using as its return address. It appears that Robert Todino (aka Bill Jones, aka Brian Appel, aka Bob White, aka John Miller) of Woburn, MA sent out the spam and forged my domain. For those of you keeping track, this is the Dimensional Warp Generator guy! So, we all can guess where he got my domain name from.

Either way, I’ve made attempts to contact him and convey my displeasure with the situation. Perhaps he’ll contact me and apologize. Perhaps he doesn’t care. Perhaps he’ll use my domain name again, in which case I’ll be pursuing legal action. After all, I work a mere 10 minutes from his house. I’m still contemplating whether I should stop by and give him a friendly “hello” this evening.

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