4 Oak St. in Woburn doesn’t exist…

No big surprise here. After the time traveler pissed me off by sending out spam with inertramblings.com in the return address, I checked out the alleged mailing address from his whois info. Figures…4 Oak St. doesn’t exist in Woburn. Oak St. starts at five and goes up from there.

So, either Robert really lives in Woburn but just not at 4 Oak St., or all the reporters got it wrong and incorrectly listed Woburn as his town because it’s in his whois info. Ohwell…I have four possible phone numbers for Robert in the area so I’ll start digging.

Originally I was a fan of Robert because I was vaguely amused by the whole Dimensional Warp Generator thing. Now that I have around a thousand bounced emails sitting in my inbox he’s really pissed me off.

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