Other people have done most of the work for me…

It seems that other people Robert Todino has pissed off have done most of the work for me. I now have possible valid address that dates back to 1999 and has been used recently:

Robert Todino
8 Albert St.
Woburn, MA 01801

The above physical address is just over a mile from his fake Oak St. residence and the original Dimensional Warp Generator dropoff locations.

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  1. Check out this google response with his phone number. Not sure if it’s accurate, but the same phone # reverses to two distinct addresses.

    NPANXX lookup yields:

    Switch: WNCHMAMADS1
    Rate Center: WOBURN, MA
    Full NAme: Woburn, MA
    LATA: 128 (EASTERN MA)

    Other exchanges on the switch are: 339-645, 781-368, -376, -460, -721, -729, -756, -865, -932, -933, -935, -937, -938, and -939.

    They’re all listed as Woburn, MA or Winchester, MA rate centers, no Billerica.

    A lookup for Tee Electric yields this link. Shows it with the 978-663 NPANXX, which seems current after the renumbering a few years ago, so it’s possible that the 781-933 number has been recycled.


  2. Have you thought of running the plates on the minivan? Or other vehicles from the pickup day? Might yield a real address. It’s not too expensive from the DMV, AFAIK. Couple of bucks a plate.


  3. Yeah, thought about it. He hadn’t really done anything wrong to me before so I never had it high on my list of priorities. But, after he forged my domain, it’s been bumped up on the list of things to do.

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