Grass Cowboy – Music to tip cows by

grasscowboytreason.jpg Grass Cowboy has released Treason. Click. Buy. Listen.

August, 1996…four engineers and a doctor of Pharmacology from Dublin are trapped in a basement studio in Watertown, MA with nothing but beer, smokes, and a thirst to rock.

Weeks later, out crawled Grass Cowboy, lean and mean, and ready to inflict songs of hope and desperation on the world. Satisfied fans have witnessed Grass Cowboy’s music excellence at Boston clubs like Mama Kin, the Linwood Grille, and O’Brien’s. Grass Cowboy’s diverse musical sound is inspired by everything from Punk to Rhythm and Blues, leading to a truly unique and interesting sound.

Grass Cowboy features:

Tony Espy – Lead Guitar and Vocals
Bill Filler – Lead Guitar
Jeff Cawthorne – Drums
Cormac Taylor – Lead Vocals
Steve Prowten – Bass

Grass Cowboy…music to tip cows by…

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