Scriptable Image Processing System

For the past few weeks I’ve been on a mission for a co-worker – find a utility to embed ColorSync ICC profiles into a JPEG without opening and re-saving it using Photoshop or another imaging tool. It turns out that Panther already has this functionality built into a low-level command line tool called sips. Many thanks to fxt for digging this one up!

sips [-h, --help]
sips [-H, --helpProperties]

sips [image query functions] imagefile(s)

sips [profile query functions] profile(s)

sips [image modification functions] imagefile(s)
[–out outimage | –out outdir]

sips [profile modification functions] profile(s)
[–out outprofile | –out outdir]

Profile query functions:
-g, –getProperty key
-X, –extractTag tag tagFile
-v, –verify

Image query functions:
-g, –getProperty key
-x, –extractProfile profile

Profile modification functions:
-s, –setProperty key value
-d, –deleteProperty key
–deleteTag tag
–copyTag srcTag dstTag
–loadTag tag tagFile

Image modification functions:
-s, –setProperty key value
-d, –deleteProperty key
-e, –embedProfile profile
-E, –embedProfileIfNone profile
-m, –matchTo profile
-M, –matchToWithIntent profile intent
-r, –rotate degreesCW
-f, –flip horizontal|vertical
-c, –cropToHeightWidth pixelsH pixelsW
-p, –padToHeightWidth pixelsH pixelsW
-z, –resampleHeightWidth pixelsH pixelsW
–resampleWidth pixelsW
–resampleHeight pixelsH
-Z, –resampleHeightWidthMax pixelsWH
-i, –addIcon

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