It’s Kelly’s birthday tomorrow!

Yay…it’s Kelly’s birthday tomorrow. The big three-zero. Please leave a comment to wish her a happy birthday!

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  1. Happy Bday,

    I hope that you get lots of chocolate, flowers, jewerly, and … What ever you guys do for time alone(nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

    Hugs and Kisses,


    PS Been along time since we got together.
    PPS Aren’t you glad I didn’t say I wanted to see you naked?
    PPPS I got here from slashdot.

  2. Happy Birthday, Kelly!

    I just had my 37th birthday (still younger than Stone Henge), and my daughter turns 10 on Dec. 20th. December birthdays can suck, but I hope yours is great.

    Have you trained everyone to stop wrapping your stuff in Christmas paper?

  3. Heh heh, Sean’s trying to get out of dinner at a fancy restaurant eh?

    Well kindly remind him that this tactic won’t work, and go enjoy your birfday Kelly!

    Yet Another Anonymous Coward.

  4. Happy /. birthday.

    and if he gets to see you naked, I’m going to get jealous and want to see you naked too:-P

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes, random strange people! Sean won’t give me my gifts till my party…which is on the 20th! I’s not fair, I want my stuff!

    And who is Paul T? Is that Paultg? Am I going senile already?

  6. Happy birthday! Although I’m random, I assure you that I’m not strange. Or at least any stranger than you guys are. Besides, my wife is turning 30 pretty soon too…

  7. Happy Birthday. You should put chocolate in your panties.. and then when you open your present, pull some out and tell your boyfriend you crapped yourself in amazement at it’s awesomeness. He’ll be so happy that he’ll ask you to marry him, and then you guys can go on a honeymoon dream vacation to the bahamas. They have a big waterslide there that goes through a pool of sharks somehow. And I bet you could meet some Rastafarians. Yeah mon!!

  8. Happy Birthday Kelly!!

    Your man shows he cares about you by getting random people to shower you with praise. That’s kinda romantic. Give him some good nerd lovin’.


  9. Even thuough I don’t celebrate birthdays, you do. 🙂 So happy birthday, and don’t worry: I’m right behind ya. 🙂 28 in a few weeks… eek! Still young enough to get away with it though. 😉

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