I can finally talk about the Pepper Pad!

OK, so I’ve been living under a rock for the past two weeks. Or, more specifically, basking in the ambient radiation of multiple monitors during 70- to 90-hour work weeks. We hit code freeze, started bug squashing, unveiled the Web site, launched the Pepper Keeper, and announced the Pepper Pad, a Linux-based mobile Wi-Fi device running the Pepper Keeper!

So, why am I so damn excited about the Pepper Pad? Simple. First of all, there’s a full-blown Linux distribution sitting underneath the Pepper Keeper! Second, a built-in Web browser and MP3 player for those late nights lounging around on the couch in front of the TV. Next, full Wi-Fi capabillity. Wireless access, anytime, anywhere you’re in range of an access point. If there’s no WEP key, it’ll automatically latch onto the network. If there is a WEP key, just input it and you’re off!

And that’s just the hardware. The software sitting on top of the hardware has AOL Instant Messenger and Rendezvous IM capability for text messaging and content sharing between clients. Bringing collaboration to the masses, the Pepper Keeper allows you to share any content that you’ve created with anyone on your Buddy List or in your e-mail address book! Make a change to a document, send it to a friend, have them add some content, and the changes get shared back to you! Homework, stories, reports, journals, notebooks, photo albums, scrapbooks, the list goes on!

Since the Pepper Keeper runs on any platform that supports Java (Mac OS, Windows, Linux, etc.), you can have a copy of the Pepper Keeper running on every system you have an account on and sync the contents between them! Make a change on your laptop and sync the changes with your desktop.

Let’s just say that I’m totally psyched that we’ve finally released 1.0. One of my primary needs for a long time has been simple organizer software that allowed me to keep date-based notes in an organized fashion that could be synced between multiple devices. And I can’t wait to finally get my hands on a Pepper Pad! Instant-on performance with a built-in split keyboard means zero wait time to start taking notes. Plus, it’s small…about the size and weight of a textbook. No more bulky laptops with unfolding screens. Just whip out the Pepper Pad and start transcribing notes!

Anyway, if you couldn’t tell, I’m excited. Damn excited. And it totally rocked to see news of the Pepper Keeper starting to spread around the Net. There are even some screenshots floating around!

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