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It appears that (aka Hugebee) has disappeared off the face of the planet even though their Web site is still taking orders and charging credit cards. Brian and I originally used them a year and a half ago to purchase Athlon 2400+ workstations at an amazing price so they immediately came to mind when it came time to purchase a Dual Xeon server for our compile farm. Unfortunately, they charged my corporate Amex almost two weeks ago, my server hasn’t shown up yet, their phones are all RNA or disconnected, and their BBB Report tells an interesting story.

“On September 24, 2004, we verified that most listed telephone numbers for this company are disconnected, or are no longer in service. The company’s website is no longer functional. We believe this company is out of business.”

So be it. I contested the charges, filed a BBB report on them, and ordered a 1U Dual Xeon instead.

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  1. Bum deal. Glad to see it worked out though. You’re going to like that case. I have that very same one housing one of my machines at

  2. i like many others placed an order with internetishop and still haven’t recieved anythig. i placed my order on 9/1/04. i found out they went bankrupt and was wondering if anyone else has had any success or info or advice on getting my money back. thanks

  3. My friend ordered an AMD 64fx from internetishop and I ordered and Pentium 4 3.2 ghz. Both came pre-broken, my problem was the keyboard and his was the power supply. He sent his back, I just installed a USB keyboard and paid them 120 dollars for a replacement laptop keyboard. Over a month later I have not heard a thing about my keyboard and he hasn’t heard anything about his computer. We’ve both called, wrote emails, everything, and both have gotten absolutely nothing. I really hope we both didn’t get screwed (especially him considering his comp was about $2,000) If anyone has any advice on what to do please email me because I’d really like to get my money back at least.

  4. Regarding your orders, just dispute the charges with your credit card company (both the systems and the replacement keyboard). Since both the damaged keyboard and the broken power supply make your systems unusable in their current form you should be covered by fraud protection. You’ll probably get out of the deal with a free laptop that you need to find a replacement keyboard for (most laptops are fairly standardized) and a free desktop your friend needs to buy a new power supply for.

  5. I have purchased over 100 laptops from ishop in the last year, and I am getting a kick out of this. Remember Ishop uses major manufacturers and for all your current products you can get warranty service. If a part goes bad call the manufacturer and most likely it is under warranty. ECS produces most all of Ishops laptops. If all else fails charge back if you can.

  6. I purchased a barebone computor from the internetishop on aug 30,2004 off of ebay and payed thru paypal . I never received this computor and i never got my money back.Paypal cant do anything because the internetishop had inssufficiant funds to refund my money.I have filed complaints with bbb and interntet fraud and ebay. still nothing

  7. I purchased a pc case and motherboard / barebones around the 24th of september for InternIship. They are gone and evidently bankrupt. I paid by credit card on their site and will do a charge back. I suggest everyone else with similar problems do the same.

  8. The owners of this company are some Taiwanese. They just do’t have any ethics in doing business. I am glad to see they are out of business, but sorry for those who have lost money.

  9. My brother is over in Iraq and I have been taking care of his affairs. He dropped his laptop off to internetishop two days before he deployed. Does anyone have any further information that I can pass on to the JAG Lawyer. Let’s work together and get these assholes.

  10. I orderd a computer from them,it was a month late. and half the parts were missing. there costermer service is crap, and im still waiting on some parts. I guess im lucky though because im only out like a few houndred dollars. but im a college student I cant afford that, I think getting the “Judge Advocate General” involved is a great idea hopfully they could investige these Assholes!

  11. I am really sorry to hear that you are all having such a hard time with this company. I bought my Laptop from Ishop about a year ago and I have had no problems with them at all. My laptop is the same machine I am using to write this comment with. It sounds like things went sour after I got my machine from them. I am a little dissapointed since they did have great prices and from my experience from them I got a great product and I got it with in 24 hours from the time I ordered it. Oh well good things always come to an end. Or in this case good things go bad then come to an end.

  12. I have 75 customers waiting for Hugebee to ship them their computers and have about 200 customers that are still under warranty!

  13. This does not sound good at all. I purchased two computers from IShop this year. One of the computers will not power up at all. I called today and none of the numbers are working. I need to get my part replaced because this was my DC in my business. Any suggestions? Please help!

  14. Guys…, I found this article in a Forum. Hope it helps.


    I am a CEO of a webdesign/services firm. I recently purchased a computer via InternetIshop and within three weeks my harddrive failed. I tried contacting them and realized… There not in business anymore. I also stumbled across numerous forums like this one. Where people like yourself and I have been ripped off by InternetIshop and Hugebee. I am currently working with a lawyer and am willing to start a class action lawsuit against InternetIshop and its affiliates. If anyone may be interested in signing a petition and joining this legal action please visit:

    Thank you and I hope all can be resolved to everyones benefit.

  15. I am really sorry to hear about all that happened to the people that recently ordered from However, I just have to say that while they were in business they gave me great service and had really good products at a low price. I was sad to hear they were OOB, but what they did on their last month is inexcusable. Hope every body gets their issues with them resolved.

  16. I loved purchasing dildos from their site. Good quality, at a great price, it really beat the crap outta the retail store prices. Its a real shame, cause i emailed them to ask them when their latest shipments of vibrators was coming in, and they said this weekend, but now they’re gone. Bummer.

    Love to all women:

  17. I too was screwed buy this company. I used my hard earned paypal money and went to ebay and bought a $1368.00 27″ LCD from these guys on Sept. 2nd. I called them many times then one day there web page was down, phones didnt work, emails were returned. Paypal and ebay both cant help me. I’ve emailed and filed complains at noumerous places. I was googlin internetishit today and came across this…

    Submitted: 10/20/2004 1:22:07 PM Modified: 10/21/2004 12:11:25 AM – Bankrupt

    I received a call from Detective Bercher, Pomona California Police Department today regarding the According to the detective, filed for bankruptcy on 22 Sep 2004. The bankruptcy was filed in the U S Bankruptcy Court in Los Angeles. The first hearing regarding the bankruptcy is scheduled for October 26, 2004.

    Robert – Middleburg, Florida

    Seems well have to wait and see what happens…

  18. This is all really strange. I have purchased three full machines, and many parts from them, and they are all still in perfect working order. I cant begin to understand how a company that on the surface seemed to have a strong, supportive, client base could fold so quickly.The most perplexing thing to me is the manner in which they went out.

  19. I’ve bought three systems from them over the years. I’m sorry to see them go; they were friendly and responsive — then poof!

  20. what is the following of the first hearing in the LA court!?! Ishop is a bummer..they lied too many customers.. They cant just run away with our money.I’d want to know the next process of the court hearing..

  21. I have purchased 2 phones, 2 aircards, 2 cameras and a laptop from ishop. I too have exeperienced problems with some of these products and did have problems with their customer service. Oddly enough I would stay on them about it and everything always was resolved. I kept going back for the low prices. My current beef is that the software that they sent me for the aircards is French (although the cards work great, Benten, check them out), and our 2nd digital camera randomly reformats SD cards. Shitty. I have emailed the above about the lawsuit, and have thus far gotten no response, but I am sure that this person is getting inundated. My laptop, first digital camera and aircards are all badass and were bought very cheap, but I guess too good to be true is once again proven.

  22. I purchased a loaded Athlon XP 1800+ from InternetIShop about a year an a half ago. The deal and service were so good that a friend of mine got the exact same machine and they knocked off more money because I referred him to them. The machines are both perfect and my experience with the service was great.

    I only found out about all of this because I was looking to buy another system from them. I can’t believe how poorly they handled all of this; blatantly stealing from people.

    I guess some businesses don’t show their true colors until they are going down.

    I hope you all nail the a-holes!

  23. For those who have been stung by Internetishop, operating out of Pamona, CA…you may want to check out Internetishop out of Canada. They still have a web site running there… I was lucky I purchased about 18 months ago 3 complete systems. They were good computers, but the people were the worst I had met…I knew they would one day be ripping people off. I believe they were getting on the order of 10 to 15,000 orders per day. They were also on the vender list for the State of California, but they probably gresed the skids from the inside there and there will be no retribution. I don’t know the laws about justice across borders, but it is worth the look into whether they are doing business there.

  24. For those who have been charged but have not received the ordered products, I would suggest that you check with your credit card company for a possible refund. I heard that it is very likely for the credit card companies to reimburse you in situations like this.

  25. I bought a laptop from InternetIshop in february and purchased a 3-yr warranty for about $175 then.

    My computer has recently developed some problems with the video card.

    Do you guys know if the warranty is transfered to someone in such cases when a company files for bankruptcy or does it just get void!


  26. Hey,
    I have some troubles too with my laptop and it has been giving me issues. I am still covered under the warranty. Actually, they sent me a couple of defective parts when I originally bought it, but I never got a chance to send it back. Was hoping to do it over the X’mas break since I figured I wouldn’t neet the laptop for work then.

    I know it isn’t as serious as people not getting their products as in the case of lots of people, but would still cost me a few hundred bucks if I get it done from some other place.

    Is there any update on the status of the company or the case? Does any law protect us from these kind of problems?


  27. Looks like has been purchased by a company called Sun Group. They are apparently a company that purchases assets of failed companies and either revives that company or sells off it’s assets.

    Looks like they are gone for good folks.

  28. I bought an Awesome Case and a Motherboard from them last christmas, and then They let me return the motherboard for my money back, because I Found a better one I wanted at Newegg. Their service was awesome at the time. I am sorry to see them go, I thought they were reliably stable at the time.

  29. I’ve bought a few systems from them in the last 3 years — the last one was last Christmas, for my wife. Specs had a 400W power supply, but it wasn’t working well. Pulled the power supply, and found it was a 300W supply, with a small “400W” sticker over the original 300W rating. All of the other specs on the power supply were consistent with a 300W.

  30. I am sorry to see Hugebee aka InternetIShop go out of business. I have purchased many of their products and saved thousands on purchases. All of the computers I have purchased since 1999 are working. Sorry to hear about the people who ordered equipment during the time they went bankrupt. I do agree with some of the service about being put on hold and calling back an hour later, but they always helped me out.

  31. I bought a laptop from them earlier this past year. A few weeks ago, my Combo drive burned up, got so hot, the AC adapter in the back melted (the plastic portions) and finally disintegrated this past weekend. Disappointing to say the least, especially since it is still under warranty for anoter 4 months. I want to get it repaired, but have a slight problem with it, since they no longer are in business…

  32. I used internetishop as my supplier and got great service. Im disappointed that their business went to the dogs! I bought 10 computers from them and only 2 problems that they solved quickly! shame!

  33. Hey guyz,
    well i bought a laptop from too, and its been working fine. Recently i restored my laptop but now my audio and video drivers are causeing a lot of problems. and i have lost the Drivers cd that came with the laptop, i was wondering if any one here has the same laptop is p4 2.8, 512mb, ati you can tell i dont know much about laptop’s hardware or software issues..i am unable to resolve this problem, so please try to get in touch with me if you believ you have the same laptop as i do..i would really appreciate any type of help..

  34. Bought an AMD desktop from them last october. Had a problem with frequent crashes but they replaced the motherboard and cpu and it hasn’t crashed since. I thought the customer service was pretty good and probably would of purchased from them again in the future. Not sure what happened out in Poloma Ca.

  35. I am sitting here in prison waiting for my penilty verdict and I am god damn bored. I bought a fucking computer from the I shop so that I can work on my case and find the real killer. OJ Simpson who also has a Internet I shop computer is looking for his real killer also.

    OJ and I need our Internet I shop computers to find our real killers.

  36. My husband purchased 2 laptops fully loaded from them 2 yrs ago. He had them made to order and I have never had a problem with mine at all. His was stolen and went looking to buy another. We are very disappointed to see they went bankrupt. My laptop is fantastic. And one time when my hubby who is a truckdriver was out in Ca. and had lost a screw to the bottom of his laptop they even let him walk in off the street and they fixed it for him. We are very sorry to see them do this to others. We had great service from them and even reccommended them to my best friends daughter when she went to college. She too had a laptop made to order only in the last 10 months. She loves hers too and has had no problems. I wonder how a company so large could go bankrugpt like this. I hope all who got screwed by them do get their money back. And just file a complaint with your credit card companies. And if you bought thru ebay you should be covered. Lots of luck with your money recoveries.

  37. i bought my computer from internetishop about mid summer in 2004 right around where they went out of business.i am 16 and i am very happy with my computer i recieved it the same week i ordered it in and i live in new jersey. every part was in the computer and every thing is still running great i hope it lasts :-X but so far so good nothing wrong with it the only thing im pist about is i bought that extended warranty for 100 dollars so im guessing that is now voided…o well looks like if my comp breaks down im just gonna have to fix it myself….im very sorry to hear that people got ripped off by internet i shop and i hope u get fully refunded. good luck

  38. I had purchased a number of things from them, and they were pretty good. My issue is that I need to get some more mem and a new CDrw for my laptop.

    I have discovered that the laptops are actually made in Germany under the name “Vega+”…and I have had almost no luck in finding manuals and info about them (most importantly I would like to get a tech manual, so I can crack it without tearing it up.)

    If anyone has any info regarding the Hugebee laptops (AKA the Vega+ N35x series) I would greatly appreciate it!!


  39. Updates: sells one of the laptop models sold by InternetIShop as the “Webgine” series. You can get parts and manuals from there.

    Also, sells many of the same laptops. They are an American company with parts and manuals.

    Of course, neither will likely offer warranty support…but at least you can get info and parts.

    Best of Luck,

    P.S. I am still, however, trying to get info on how to properly open the case and replace a couple of components…as the std user’s manuals do not cover that.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  40. I bought a desktop system from them about a year or so ago. At the time they were awesome, quick shipping, quick service, good parts, good computer. Wish everyone the best.


  41. I bought a laptop from them last Christmas which promptly broke two weeks later. After calling them about 100 times, I finaly sent it to get it back two months later with a hole in the motherboard… they used the wrong screw fr the case and went right through it. I hope the owner gets extradited back to America and we can all gather and beat the fuck out of him.
    I promtply sold the piece of shit to someone on EBAY for $1000. LOST: $600

  42. I am writing this post from my HugeBee laptop with an ATI Mobility Radon 9600 video card. One of my applications requires the update on the Card Driver… HugeBee is Gone… ATI Gives me the one finger salute since it is a laptop… Anyone have any ideas? Thanks — Michael

  43. I purchased a BareBones PC from them May 2004, P4-3Ghz, Foxconn Motherboard. First unit showed up all broken up, called them and they shipped out a replacement unit. Last night my PC quit, Foxconn will replace my Motherboard no problem if that is the problem. Not sure what to do if it is CPU, don’t know who to contact for that. Looks like it’s a dam good thing these Jerks are history.

  44. stumbled on to here – looking for the company I bought several systems from. Got real good deals, incl their 19′ flat monitors in a package. Everything is still working fine a year later – too bad, since I would have bought more.
    But it’s probably a good thing they are finally gone – since their final practices were obviously causing a lot of damage to people.
    Anyone know of another company coming even close to what internetishop had to offer?

  45. WOW….makes me wonder….I received 220 laptops from hugebee in june of last year at a cost of $319,000 dollars…CASH… alot to manage as they immediately went out to students…and have rather significantly had enough HD failures and motherboard issues..about 25% now…but thankful my local vendor has replaced everythingno cost…mostly because i built into the bid specs that 3 yr all parts and labor warranty…so its his headache..but the ones i use have been great no problems…i’ll be interested to know what he thinks about Hugebee now….although i think he deals direct with ECS for his warranty issues…anyway….nobody likes a stealer!

  46. I too have purchased a laptop from internetishop and what KILLS me is that I paid the extra $150 or so for the warranty. Now my fans are acting up, they click on and are very loud like they are dying, so of course I got online to call about repair since i have this killer warranty… and it looks like I am out of luck. I could have bought a similar laptop at Dell or Gateway for $1600 however I chose to support a local business that I though was doing something right. I guess that’s what I get. If anyone finds out about a class action suit I would like to know. Thanks.

  47. None of this comes as much of a surprise to me. You see, I was employed by InternetIShop for a couple of months between July-September of 2002. While I was there I witnessed the typicallly poor treatment of employees. I hate to break out the ethnic factor, but- the owners were cut-throat capitalists only interested in profit much like many Tiawanese businesspeople operating in the Industry area of the San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles. They didn’t offer us (full-time employees) benefits of any sort, gave us “base + commission.” Base salary (for all salespeople was $1400-1600 and commision was .05% after-or if- we reached our 60k quota per month), brought lunch in so we wouldn’t leave- we were still expected to perform “customer service” during lunch. The company was also quite racist- no African Americans or Jews- and immediately fired people for asking for raises, breaks, lunches outside of the office, etc. I can’t remeber the owners name right now but the only thing he cared about was making money.
    I heard he owned a mansion and several luxuries in the Diamond Bar area- maybe you should all track him down and split it up.

  48. I bought a Desk Top from Internetishop a year ago today, So far the only problem I have had with it is a OverHeating Problem, Which Unfortunatly has led to a toasty CPU (Needing to replace CPU at this time). Can anybody tell me if my warrenty would still be good, or did I get screwed like the rest uf us in here?? WHEN they were open I had no problem with the custimer service. I guess I got lucky when I replaced my speaker system (Original speakers that came with Computer were stolen, Bought and replaced with new Speaker system from Internetishop, recieved within 2 weeks of ordering and that was in Sept. 04′). Just before They went Belly-up.

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