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Stupid stuff.

Powerless to do anything…

At least I’m not the only one with awful power. For the last few months we’ve been experiencing random brownouts and blackouts. Normally this would just be annoying except for the fact that I run around 20 domains off my home DSL line and my servers get quite unhappy when there’s no electricity to fuel them.

About two weeks ago we started getting hit with dozens of brownouts per minute and all of the UPS battery backup systems promptly drained themselves. Every single server was rebooting itself multiple times per minute and required manual fscks. Luckily I had just purchased an APC Back-UPS XS 1500 for the G4 the previous night so the video editing workstation I paid a small fortune for was safe.
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Zoomtard is the fastest!

With the purchase of a new helmet, Nicole now rides the short bus. She’s got a helmet…but she isn’t on the team!

On a more serious note, I’m glad to see that some riders are serious enough about their safety to grab a youth helmet because the adult helmets don’t fit. I’ve seen too many intelligent adults riding around with slick expensive helmets that don’t fit or aren’t adjusted properly. Little do they realize that a poorly-fitted helmet will do more damage than no helmet at all!

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Decal residuum…

Why is it that companies insist on slathering their products in non-removable paper decals that leave a disagreeable residue behind? This evening I helped Kelly assemble her Fluval 404 for the new fish tank and it was covered in warning decals that were impossible to remove!

Warranty decals. Price labels. Copyright labels. Advertising labels. Open box return labels. One would think that a vinyl or plastic based decal would be used that can actually be removed. But, instead, manufacturing houses take great joy in the fact that customers are tormented with the task of attempting to remove these monstrosities.

Is a six mile traffic jam worth a quarter?

In the woods of Pennsylvania there is a route commonly known as 209. Every once in a while, this route mysteriously splits into 209 and 209 business to separate the local traffic from the through traffic. And, at each of these forks, is usually a traffic light that creates a fairly long pileup as drivers jockey for position. More often than not the wait is only a few minutes to fight through the light and traverse unimpeded.

Unfortunately, there is a flea market at one of these splits and various extremely unskilled drivers routinely block traffic in an attempt to force their way into the general direction they’d prefer to be traveling. This, of course, creates quite a delay.

And, since there’s a long delay anyway, why not create an even longer delay by setting up cones in the middle of the road and soliciting for spare change? Fire departments, boy scout troops, girl scouts selling cookies, some random guy trying to raise the funds for his operation, etc. The list goes on and the traffic jam gets longer.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have no problems soliciting for donations in a location where someone has to make a conscious decision to go and make the donation. But, is a six mile traffic jam really worth a quarter?

People are a bunch of zoomtards!

Why is it that, for the most part, the more expensive a luxury car is the more of an asshole the driver is? For whatever unknown reason the town of Methuen, MA decided to shorten the green time on one of its primary lights to an excruciating five seconds. This, of course, caused traffic to back up all along both highway exits, the mall and all surrounding side streets. Result: people driving expensive luxury cars are fucking zoomtards.

Case 1: While getting off 213 at The Loop I made my way into the left lane to turn left onto Howe. Someone in a high end Lexus cut by me on the left over the double yellow and forced me into the middle (straight) lane.

Case 2: I figured I’d just go straight and cut through the parking lot at The Loop. Traffic was backed up there as well (single lane) and the following cars crossed over the double yellow and drove through oncoming traffic to try to cut back in at the last minute: Mercedes CLK, Mercedes AMG, Lexus and an Explorer.

Case 3: After fighting traffic and successfully turning onto Howe St., three or four cars blocked traffic even worse by trying to use the left turn lane to gain 30 seconds and cut back into the straight lane…effectively causing gridlock through the next three green lights.

Case 4: After finally getting to the last light of the intersection, some guy in a highly modified F350 attempted to intimidate me by blasting up the left turn lane and crossing over the double yellow into oncoming traffic while trying to cut in front of me. Luckily, I daily drive a beat to crap rally car and don’t care about my paint. With the assistance of first gear, lots of horns and a few hundred watts of forward facing spotlights I convinced the F350 driver that I really didn’t care if he hit me because his paint would be more expensive to fix than mine. He then proceeded to tailgate me to my destination as if I were the asshole.

People suck.