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Ketones, loose skin and other nastiness…

I’ve been checking my ketone levels for the past couple days and I’m definitely in ketosis. My test strips have been bright pink after going back into induction as opposed to the light pink they were before. Speaking of which, I guess ketones and ketosis are out while lipids and lipolysis are in. I received my latest Atkins Direct catalog and found that the ketone test strips are now called Lipolysis Test Strips. Go figure. I wonder why the name change after New Diet Revolution went through so much trouble to hype ketones.

Also, it wasn’t until today that I was made aware of, and completely disturbed by, how much weight I’ve lost. I laid down on my Yoga mat to do my morning pushups and made the mistake of doing so without a shirt for the first time. When I looked down at my gut, instead of seeing the usual paunch of flab, I saw loose hanging skin. I have to say…not the best way to start the morning. But it was still motivation!

Pure De-Lite Chocolates

A few weeks ago I ran across the Pure De-Lite line of sugar free low carb chocolates at the local Wal Mart. After finishing my box of six bars, I tried to look for bargains on the Web for bulk pricing. I had no idea that the Wal Mart pricing was better than anywhere else! While most online shops are selling the bars for up to $3.00 each and up to $50.00 for a case of 24, Wal Mart sells the bars for $0.97 each and $5.17 for a box of 6!

I’m off the Xenadrine-EFX…

I’ve decided to stop taking the Xenadrine-EFX since I no longer feel that it is really doing anything. When I first started taking it as a supplement I found that I had more energy and I didn’t feel so run down. Now that I’ve lost quite a bit of weight I seem to have just as much energy on weekends where I’ve forgotten to take it as when I first started using it. Also, one of the other reasons I relied on it was because it was a psychological crutch to help convince me that I could lose weight.

Centrum Performance, however, has become a staple in my diet. I have proven to myself that ginseng and ginkgo both keep my mind clear and provide energy so it only makes sense to take a multivitamin that includes both! Since I’m eliminating the Xenadrine-EFX, I’ll now be taking the Centrum twice per day instead of my previous once per day.

Going back into induction!

Since I’ve found myself cheating a little bit and my weight loss progress has tapered off, I’ve decided to go back into the induction phase of Atkins. I’m only losing two pounds per week right now and, although that’s acceptable progress, I’d really like to be losing more. I’ll also be paying more attention to my workout schedule and start going to the gym more than twice per week. I guess my main issue is that I’ve been blowing off the gym to hang out with the Trunkmonkey guys and work on the cars. Bad Sean!

The gourmet $4.25 Atkins lunch…

This afternoon I figured I’d troll the frozen foods section for Atkins safe foods. Just about everything out there is either in the 30+ carb range or comes in a bulk sized bag (grilled chicken or fish) that requires a kitchen to prepare. To my surprise, I found some relatively inexpensive items in the seafood section that came in easily prepared single servings that could be nuked in the office microwave.

Lunch today consisted of Gorton’s Cajun Blackened Grilled Fillets (2 carbs) with a side of Frico smoked cheese (0 carbs) and a handful of sliced almonds (1 net carb). The fish was amazingly good for a frozen block. Although the cajun spices were a little tame the overall flavor was delicious, especially with the cheese and almonds as a side.

Ignore your weight, watch your weight trend!

One of the most discouraging things about keeping track of my weight is seeing that I’m on a plateau that seems impossible to get past. It seems especially difficult if the plateau lasts more than three or four days…it’s very easy to fall into the rut of thinking “what’s the use, I’ll just have a candy bar since I can’t lose the weight anyway”. Fortunately, I’ve found an easy way to keep myself motivated!

One of the analogies that is explained in depth in The Hacker’s Diet is that the human body is nothing more than a glorified rubber bag. Since multiple pounds of food, water, O2, CO2, etc. all flow in and out of the body each day it’s quite possible to be losing fat but retain the water and other miscellaneous nasties that flow through the system. As unpleasant as it is to discuss, I can think of many times that I’ve weighed myself both before and after a bathroom trip and found myself much lighter than I’d care to think about.
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I’m hopelessly addicted…

It’s official…I’m hopelessly addicted to Poland Spring Sparkling Lemon and Sparkling Lime spring water. The fluid flows over the tongue like liquid crack and leaves a crisp burning sensation as it rolls down the throat. The slightly bitter quinine-like aftertaste lasts for a few seconds, and then you crave more. It’s quite odd. I really don’t like the taste of the stuff. It’s the sensation that I’m addicted to.

The Hacker’s Diet

The Hacker’s Diet, by John Walker, is the first weight loss system that I’ve tried that I fully understand and can completely wrap my brain around. The free ebook takes an engineering approach to weight loss and explains the ins and outs of the metabolism using the common sense theory that the human body is nothing more than a rubber bag: make sure less goes in than comes out and the rubber bag will get smaller.

Packed with tips for the lathargic office worker, The Hacker’s Diet shows that permanent weight loss can become a reality utilizing The Eat Watch, a software package for Palm OS that helps track weight and exercise trends.

No caffeine for a week; no more headaches…

With the exception of the caffeine contained in the Xenadrine-EFX, I have completely eliminated caffeine from my diet. I haven’t had any Diet Coke or coffee for over a week now and have been feeling great! I’ve also been “forcing” myself to drink bottled water or sparkling water with lunch and that has really helped.

On a side note, the regular headaches I’d get a few times per week have stopped. I’d always thought that caffeine was the culprit but never made any attempt to do anything about it. Now that I’ve successfully eliminated extra caffeine intake, I haven’t had a headache in over a week!